Want to keep the heat in your relationship? Don't let that fire dwindle. The key to keeping the fire fueled is loving on purpose. So, your question might be what is loving on purpose and what does that look like?

Loving on purpose is  the action of loving someone. Doing things within the relationship with the intention to show that you love them. Something that will stand out to the person you are with. For example, stepping in and helping your significant other when you see them feeling overwhelmed. Either with the kids, around the house, or with a project. Setting aside time to do things together.

Loving on purpose doesn't have to be expensive. So whether it's surprising them with a vacation or purchasing their favorite candy bar when you go to the store loving on purpose is just simply letting them know that you are thinking of them.
Click the video below we provide 3 steps on how to love on purpose so your flame can consistently burn or if you need to reignited the flame.



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